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Sirius Rising 2014

"Celebrating 20 Years"

July 14 to July 20, 2014

“Home is Where the Spirit Is”

Come participate in Brushwood's 20th Annual Sirius Rising festival and enjoy the opportunity to participate in creative expression and personal growth. Sirius Rising is an eclectic week-long festival that nurtures creative and spiritual potential by bringing together, involving and teaching the community. The experience encourages participation in the universal creation process, opening participants to the unique relationship between the Land, the community and the festival at Brushwood. If you are interested in participating in workshops, drumming and dancing around the fire, or simply relaxing with friends or family in the great outdoors, Sirius Rising is the place for you.

Show your spirit during Sirius Rising 20 by wearing the colors to honor the elements: Monday - Air (yellow), Tuesday - Fire (red), Wednesday - Water (blue), Thursday - Earth (green), and Friday - Spirit (white & purple)

Workshops & Hands-on Activities

Over 100 Workshops and Hands-on Activities: Participation encouraged, Mind-Body-Spirit, Arts, Dance, Chi Kung, Fire Dancing/Spinning, Drumming, Sacred Fires, Kids and Teen Programs.

Performances all Week

SanKofa Festival and Sirius Rising Performance Schecdule

At the Didge Dome

Enjoy the cool groove at the Didge Dome most evenings
Watch for postings at the Didge Dome for performances in the program and onsite (or sign up if you would like to perform).

Sirius Rising Registration and Fees

Arriving Monday $180 each
Arriving Tuesday $155 each
Arriving Wednesday $130 each
Arriving Thursday $105 each
Arriving Friday $80 each
Arriving Saturday $40 each